Youth Consumer Credits

Today in order to obtain a credit it is necessary to meet the conditions which bank may claim for to each borrower individually, and also a number of requirements which extend on all clients without exception. These requirements are:

• Age of the borrower

• Certificate of the income provided from place of employment

• Positive credit history

• Length of service on one place (one year minimum)

• Documents confirming fixed registration.

Banks start granting credits for people of twenty years old, but some prolong this term for a year. Bankers explain such approach to crediting of youth that before achievement of specified age borrowers cope with great difficulty with the assumed liabilities on payments of consumer credits. On reaching 20 years old, much it is much easier to obtain the credit as bankers consider that in this age the borrower can already have the property (car and so forth) which can be sold and lost money returned to the bank. The guarantee of such clients is welcomed. It is ideal variant if relatives act as guarantors.

Besides, banks grant the loan to girls easier than to guys. It is considered that guys can be drafted into army and they having obtained the credit can “drop out of life” for considerable term. It happens that an issue of gender separation the clients should resolve in the court. But it is not very helpful as in the legislation there are no regulations governing relations of client and bank. Banks use it, establishing rules which are profitable only to them.

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