What To Undertake For Mortgage Obtaining

Each young family needing own housing can take part in the program developed by the state and connected with issue of subsidies for a mortgage. First that young people should do is to undertake all efforts to use this support. The main step in the solution of the matter is registration in queue for improvement of housing conditions.

If the issue is resolved positively and the family received a government subsidy according to the mortgage program, it can use it for the following purposes:

• Purchase of housing in the market of secondary housing;

• Purchase of housing at a stage of construction works;

• Construction of separate individual housing.

Except stated above the subsidy can be used for the purpose of settlement of the first payment for a mortgage or for payment of the last fee if the family is a member of housing cooperative irrespective of its type.

The following step is forming of documents package which will characterize the living level of the family and its income. Having such package it is already possible to apply for credit granting to the bank which is engaged in mortgage lending of young families by a special state program chosen for this purpose.

Above stated confirms the state program and programs of banks directed on the help to young families develop in a right direction. General actions of these structures will allow resolving centuries-old problematic issue of providing young families with housing that for a long time has been inaccessible dream for many young people.

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