How Student Can Obtain Credit

Cancellation of free education and entering of payment for training for many gifted but low-income people doesn’t allow receiving that profession which they dream about. Such situation is not neglected by the state.

Domestic crediting gives the chance to get an education to young people with low level of income. For this purpose there are credits for training, they are represented by almost all banks. But conditions of granting differ. Therefore, before taking such credit it is worth analyzing offers and choosing the optimum.

The credit for education can be obtained only if the fact of entering to HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION is officially fixed, and the age of the borrower shall be not less than established, and the availability of fixed registration is obligatory.

It is possible to obtain the credit for whole period of training and for some semesters. In this case money will come in parts to the account of educational institution once per semester after the bank receives confirmation about successful passing examinations by the student. Such crediting is convenient because percent are charged only for that amount which is transferred to HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION, but not for total credit sum.

There is one more nuance: banks usually pay only 90% of the requested amount. Besides, there are also restrictions in the amount of the credit. Borrower who has a good income may usually receive a maximal amount or will provide an insurance coverage. The loan repayment period doesn’t exceed eleven years.

For obtaining of the credit it is required:

• signed agreement on entering to higher educational institution

• Identification papers

• Certificate on training cost and payment period.

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