Sirs, Place Your Stake On Students!

Since last year large banks began to involve youth and students as clients offering them both commodity loans, and credit cards.

Registration of a credit card became possible for eighteen years old people. For income banks agreed to accept a scholarship. From the specified age students have opportunity to obtain a very solid credit, but under the guarantee of someone from native or immediate relatives. In case of lack of warranty providing such loan the age threshold will increase till twenty one years, and the amount decreases twice.

Today earnings of youth, got per month of work are insignificantly smaller than for other categories countrywide. Therefore some nineteen year old can earn quite decent amounts. By twenty four their salary can reach an average value. However some bankers consider that the main criterion is not only the size of the monetary reward for work but a permanent source of income also. Length of service of the applicant for cash loan is also very important for them.

It is natural that more flexible approach of banks to young borrowers gave them achance to obtain easily credit products which first of all are necessary to students. Many banks don’t require submitting the income certificates, length of service and so forth. Credit granting requires only a passport. Thanks to it crediting became available to everybody without special exception.

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