Youth Activity In Obtaining Consumer Credits

According to the statistics every fourth resident of our country within this year obtained a consumer loan. According to the information of banks this market develops rapidly, and already has reached a crediting level of the western countries.

A survey of the population according to which for purchase of various goods in the current year the credits in banks have been taken by more than twenty five percent of country population. The youth aged from eighteen till twenty four years appeared the most active users of consumer credits. Young people, having obtained credit facilities, bought household appliances, mobile phones, computer equipment and furniture. Cars were also bought on credit, but very small quantity. Mortgage loans were less popular.

Bankers consider that opportunities of consumer crediting are huge. Before lending market developed only at the expense of sold household appliances, but in the near future the accents nevertheless will be displaced towards car loans and mortgage.

In recent years banks intensified building-up of crediting services among the population, including youth. The amount of loans for various needs according to the Central Bank information increased almost five times, however the share of loans for the population, according to banks information, is still not very big. But this year the share of population credited by ten largest banks of the country reached twenty five percent. There are queues again from persons interested to obtain a loan.

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