Education On Credit

Those students, who are not lucky enough to get a budget education, should make a contract, but for this step not all of them have money for study.

Today the majority of banks refused special credits for education, according to statements of bankers it is done because of a small demand, and experts connect such actions of banks with financial crisis which calls for economy. It is naturally for banks, and is much simpler to grant standard consumer loans than to make credits similar at the price intended for various purposes. Therefore, it is possible to get an education on credit perhaps only having obtained a standard consumer loan or having received a credit card, thus registration of a loan is allowed only to parents of future student.

It should be noted that conditions for granting of credits became considerably simpler, especially if to compare them to the traditional credits for education. Before for issuing of a loan financial institutions required to submit the document on entry to educational institution, secondary-school diploma and certificate of income, today money is granted without any requirements, however if to provide the certificate of income, the amount of crediting increases manifold. The credit can be issued for one year, or for all the period of study, now the most effective rates are the loans arranged for five years. It is worth noticing that bank rates can differ from each other several times therefore first before making a loan it is worth to estimate the offered services.

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