Credits For 18 year-olds

Times when the eighteen year old people had no opportunity to obtain a credit are in the past. Today the situation smoothly changes, and this category of population can already apply to bank institution (if the age reached eighteen and there is a fixed income), and to obtain a loan.

For obtaining credit it is necessary to choose bank which provides services for youth, and to issue necessary amount having submitted a Letter of Employment Verification on salary accrual for the last half a year and passport.

Of course students should not expect for a large sum issuing a cash loan, but in case if more considerable amount is necessary, for example, for education payment, it is possible to issue a special educational credit, for such crediting it is important to find just a guarantor.

Credit money which are necessary to young people for other needs (consumer and etc.), are issued in accordance with general practice; it means that financial institution will make exacting requirements both to work of future client, and package of documents in general. And it is worth remembering that regular loans to the people who didn’t reach twenty years will be more difficult to obtain; so far there is not enough banks which are ready to grant the credit to eighteen-year-old. Even if banks grant the credits to youth of 18-21 years old, interest rates of such credits are usually higher than those established in the market, thus a credit amount, which the borrower most often can receive is very small.

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