Consumer Crediting Of Youth

Students cannot obtain a full-value bank credit and there are definite reasons of it, because banks understand however ideal is a credit recipient, a half of their life is busy with educational process, and the second half with work or family, in this situation there are not enough opportunities pay for credit in time.

The system of restrictions operating in banks is based on cutting of credits granting to students and young people. Very often in credit conditions the minimum age – 23 years is established, such condition is met at many large banks that nullifies granting of a consumer credit to someone who didn’t reach specified age. There are few banks offering consumer credits from twenty one year old (the fourth or fifth year of higher educational institution), it is clear that such permission changes nothing.

Inflexibility of banks in relation to youth is almost normal as it is considered strategically justified. There are plenty of such examples and most likely age restrictions or conditions which do not permit students to obtain credits or banks use additional methods of protection such as mortgage component. All these actions of banks tell that students and young people till twenty three years old are not considered in the banking environment as reliable contingent and is thought that liberty of student’s life for which they are famous long since is not a main cause, but in  impossibility to get a stable job and salary.

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