Cash Advance For Youth

Granting of consumer loans in cash becomes more and more widespread. The majority of youth aged twenty-twenty two years already has job. At that most often it is a permanent job. Some may have even small years of service and good income. This fact stimulates banks to offer cash credits to young since twenty one years old but some may grant it for eighteen years old applicants. You shouldn’t forget that in case of a credit assessment which is carried out always in this case, the age nevertheless can play a negative role. A percentage component of such refusals for applicants younger twenty one is rather high.

To boost your rating for approval of needed decision it is necessary to focus attention of the bank officer on more important facts confirming solvency (permanent job and salary) and also on availability of credit history which doesn’t have any complaints and absence of other considerable liabilities.

As additional guarantee some banks may require to assume the guarantee for the credit to one of parents or someone from the immediate relatives. Such consent submitted in writing and certified by the bank will become a starting point for granting of credit. Naturally such guarantee should not be faked. Bank officer can call parents of the applicant and inform them about registration of the credit according to their guarantee.

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