Banks Offers On Youth Crediting

The majority of banks don’t wish to work with youth as they consider them a low-profitable and risky segment and what you will really take from the students who are completely supported by parents, but nevertheless it is possible to obtain a credit. Those banks which agree to work with youth for credit granting can accept the student’s record book, the student’s card and reference.

It is already possible to make up a credit card in case of reaching eighteen years old; besides now a full line of banking products which is intended only for young people aged from 18 to 30 years actively develops.

To receive a credit card it is required to have nationality and fixed registration of residence. To estimate financial opportunities of the borrower the bank can accept from the student of higher education institution even a scholarship certificate, and for those, who does not study anywhere, it is necessary to provide a certificate of income for the last half a year.

Some banks concentrate their attention only to that young people who get an education; they can open a student’s credit card for them which is issued only for training period from 18 to 23 years old. Most often banks don’t show trust to first-year students and refuse to them in granting credits.

It happens that banks offer credit cards to young people, who have reached nineteen-year age, but the limit of such cards is very small, and grace period of such cards is less than at other banks, and the rate is rather high.

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