Banks Attitude to Crediting of Students

Many of us know about realities of student’s life. These are not only excellent pastime in the environment of similar young men, eager freedom and knowledge, but also are quite difficult living conditions which often don’t have any comfort. It is possible to add not high-quality foodstuff and lack of money. Thus the rhythm of student life is dizzy: study, extra work, sessions and so forth, without parents’ support of to the student hardly can sustain such loading.

Material difficulties are not an exception. Besides many young men have to pay for education, money also is necessary for purchasing books, visual aids and other attributes of student’s process.

It is difficult to imagine a present-day student without computer as with its help to 95% of all tasks is performed, but not all students have money for its purchase. Of course it is possible to purchase this gadget by installments, but the majority of banks consider students a risky financial category which has no fixed income. Besides it is also taken into account that these borrowers are too inexperienced and young. They do not have a credit history according to which it is possible to understand how responsible the applicant is. If the bank takes the decision on granting a consumer credit to the student, conditions will be most unprofitable, and the interest rate for credit use will be maximal. In such a way banks try to secure themselves against risky clients and all their actions tell us that they aren’t ready to meet students halfway, though the studying youth is the future of the state.

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